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About Us

DSC_2296At Martinez Specialties, we pride ourselves in having established a reputation in the pyrotechnics industry for excellent product quality and superior customer support.

Martinez Specialties, Inc. was incorporated on May 11, 1996 as a New York Corporation. Prior to that time, many years were devoted to research and development of igniter products. Tooling was designed and built, and production facilities established. All of our products are manufactured in New York, and because we are a domestic manufacturer, we can provide fast turnaround time for our orders. At the present time we are the largest U.S. manufacturer of fireworks-related igniters. Igniters are our only business – we have to do it right! Our management staff totals 60 years experience in the display and proximate pyrotechnics business. We also have a close working relationship with the major producers of firing systems in the United States. What this means for our customers is exemplary technical support if a question/problem arises.

We are actively developing new market opportunities in commercial blasting and military applications. These include explosive and non-explosive shock tube initiators and rock quarrying products. Our R&D Department welcomes your inquires for new product development.

We ship world-wide and welcome inquires from international customers.